January 14, 1999
3085 ENG II
9:30-10:30 a.m.

Useful to look at past?
Projects – NASA, potential one with Nick, others?
Tech: look in protocol description for:
Protocol limits
Possible Implementation Bounds
What else?
Meeting Time
Mailing List
    1. NASA Protocols and Infrastructure
      1. Infinite à Finite
      2. IDS – test it with Peter
        1. Site-dependent, server-dependent
      3. WATCHERS – Routers to DNS
    2. Theory? T: Doesn’t work out well
      1. Protocol proofs don’t work – in net, is controlled by enemy
      2. Can’t assume in network
      3. Try constrained form?
        1. Map to covert channels
        2. Use traditional OS à Correctness problem?
        3. Network as traffic: Cut off without disconnecting?
      4. General solution (Tuomas): on Tuomas’ web page.
        1. Make protocols stateless
          1. Saves state à information stored à space used
        2. Covert Channels à Limits à Potential DoS
          1. Unusual signature? – Nope, Xmas timing,
          2. Swap Files
        3. Confine to "bandwidth" or "capacity" – "covert storage channels"
      5. Virgil Gligor – OS, deadlock detection
      6. Dick Kemmerer – OS, deadlock detection
        1. Cost vs. Blocking
    3. Question: Stateless: Timing DoS problems?
    4. Question: What is denial of service? Flooding, ping of death, using up bandwidth. Is it 60% availability?
      1. Traffic from attacker shouldn’t use more resources than traffic from user (T)
      2. Availability issue regarding policy (D)
      3. Starr report on LoC web site – boom! (S)
    5. Propagation DoS
    6. Military Limits – Go through Hierarchy
    7. Meeting Time: Wednesdays from 9-10am
    8. Coda: stateless protocols BAD? Maybe
    9. Mailing List: Nick, Tuomas, Karl, John, David O’, Steven T., Matt, Mary, Jeff R