March 3, 1999
3085 ENG II
In attendance:
Matt Bishop (MB) and John Hughes (JH)

  Simson Garfinkle's Unix attack
John Hughes' report
Fail safe defaults
Isonet News

Short meeting due to lack of attendance.

    1. Simson Garfinkle's Unix attack
      1. MB: Simson Garfinkle reported a "new" Unix attack in which enough TCP/IP connections are opened all the way to any port that they fill up the process table and bring down the system. NT servers are supposedly not affected, because it isn't possible to open too many connections or this information is wrong and there is a vulnerability.
      2. JH: This attack really isn't new.
      3. MB: They're saying that the Internet should be run through Windows NT. People who run ISP believe the information about NT servers not being affected.
    2. John Hughes' report
      1. MB: The report length needs to be as long as it needs to be.
    3. Fail safe defaults
      1. MB: Nick Puketza was going to do a simulation, but Matt needs to write up the full hypothesis and experiment
    4. Isonet News
      1. The Linux box has arrived and will be used for the firewall of the Isolated Network. Tom Tang will be setting it up.