June 23, 1999
3085 ENG II
In attendance:
Matt Bishop (MB), Tuomas Aura (TA), John Hughes (JH) and Wayne Huang (WH)
    1. Goals for the Denial of Service Meetings this summer
      1. Review draft of WATCHERS paper; Expand conclusion
        1. Goal of paper: Cautionary and to generalize WATCHES to use with other protocols
      2. Discuss mechanisms for DoS attacks
        1. TCP/IP, High-speed networks
      3. Look at DoS attacks on networks as anomalies
      4. Have Wayne start looking at anomaly based intrusion detection systems on networks
      5. Look at Tuomas' linear programming problem - currently stalled because of the complexity of the problem
    2. Future Meetings
      1. Next week
        1. Go through 9 attacks and conclusion in paper
      2. In Two Weeks:
        1. Tuomas discusses his linear programming problem
      3. Discuss covert channels and DoS
      4. Anomaly detection based on network traffic
      5. Revive Calvin Ko's specification based work
        1. Are DoS anomaly uses of protocol?
        2. Can we match network traffic to protocol specifications?