July 21, 1999
3085 EU II

In attendance:
Matt Bishop (MB), Dean Sniegowski (DS), Tuomas Aura (TA), John Hughes (JH) and Steven Cheung (SC)

    1. Looking for a Fresh Approach to Denial of Service
      1. TA: Summary of philosophical ideas, existing models, shortcomings etc.
      2. Need a sample of real attacks (Matt will provide some next week)
      3. SC: Degradation of Service vs. Denial of Service
        1. MB: Definitions
          1. Degradation of Service - when features fail to respond (violation of policy).
          2. Denial of Service - Degradation of Service that becomes unacceptably high.
      4. MB: SYN Flood Attack - Replication wouldn't help, but cutting back the pipeline (blocking SYN packets) would help.
      5. TA: Advanced models - stateless protocols
        1. Network Inhibition - reduce capacity of links in the network - reduce bandwidth between nodes - minimum cuts needed in the graph to disconnect the client(s) from the server
      6. JH: Only looks at one attack occurring, not several simultaneously
        1. Damage and cost curses additive or multiplicative with simultaneous attacks?
    2. For Next Week
      1. Matt - Provide Tuomas with Denial of Service attacks
      2. Review Tuomas' paper
      3. JH and MB will work on Watchers Paper and incorporate Steven's comments
      4. Dean will continue to work on the Serbian problem - talk with Hochemi in the Logic Engineering department.