September 1, 1999
3085 EU II

In attendance:
Matt Bishop (MB), Dean Sniegowski (DS) and Riccardo Anguino (RA)

    1. Dean has made progress on his work
      1. Talked with Chip - looks correct
      2. Planar version - next cut on planar is polynomial
      3. Write-up to Matt within two weeks
    2. Matt has proposal into David Ladd at Microsoft
      1. Look at algorithms for handling DoS attacks on NT systems
      2. Understand algorithms better
      3. David interested - hopefully will be in by October
    3. John Hughes and Matt will go down to NASA (Sunnyvale) after RAID or the following week
      1. Limits of things - historically formal methods proof
      2. Run out of resources
      3. Sequence numbers roll around 2 minutes - 2 message with the same sequence number - OC2, OC3 networks at NASA