September 15, 1999
3085 EU II

In attendance:
Matt Bishop (MB), Dean Sniegowski (DS) and John Hughes (JH)

    1. MB: Gift from Microsoft Systems
      1. Anomaly detection of SYN Flood Attacks - RAID topic
      2. Anomaly detection on machine being attacked - half-open connection
      3. Why bother?
        1. SYN cookies/timeouts
        2. Network-based intrusion detection similar on network for large systems
        3. Experiments in network-based intrusion detection
    2. Matt will get changes to John and comments to Dean tomorrow morning
    3. DS: Working on planar version of the problem - tricky
      1. Chip Martel thinks the solution is polynomial.
    4. DS: Will not be here next week
      1. MB: Wants to finish up papers and go down to NASA on Wednesday or Thursday
        1. Submit WATCHERS paper to the Oakland conference; submit Tuomas' paper to Computing Surveys