April 13, 1999
3085 ENG II
1:00-2:00 p.m.
In attendance:
Karl Levitt (KL), Jeff Rowe (JR), David O’Brien (DOB), David Klotz (DK), Jason Schatz (JS) and Steven Templeton (ST)

CYC Trip

CYC Inference Engine
CYC Demos
Use CYC for Correlation
How to Proceed
    1. CYC Trip
      1. KL: Doug Lenat heads CYC. CYC has 70 people plus contractors. We worked with John DeSanto, who is a philosopher for CYC.
      2. KL: We wrote down one-word descriptors for intrusion detection - came up with about 10 pages.
    2. CYC Inference Engine
      1. Based on core knowledge base (BaseKB)
      2. Microtheories
        1. Can write microtheories, based on terms, facts, axioms
          1. 31 predicates for "in"
        2. Based on natural language
          1. Stylized natural language interface - might need translation
        3. Very few technical theories were mentioned, but they have physics microtheories and academic microtheories
      3. High Performance Knowledge Base (HPKB)
        1. 30-40 people working on it, strategic information for country
        2. DK: Impressive HPKB inferencing (Ex. Possible for Israel to be attacked by Libyan planes)
        3. Heuristics around shallow reasoning
        4. ST: Generate new facts to add to knowledge base, how to add more facts to resolve issues
        5. KL: Strictly predicate logic - no longer frames based
        6. Very efficient
          1. Queries answered in seconds
        7. DK: We're supposed to do inference engine for intrusion detection.
          1. KL: Are we under attack? How severe is the attack? Are we threatened?
      4. Not many rules. You can make functions from facts
      5. Work with Laura and Him for knowledge base.
        1. Intrusion detection sensor - Demo for September 5th
      6. CYC runes on Linux, PII, Solaris and has an HTML or Telnet interface
    3. CYC Demos
      1. 1 Willybot-like query (Ex. Show me all movies with Woody Alan directing and Mia Farrow starring)
      2. 1 Hot-Bot query (Ex. You type in bat - it asks you whether you want the animal the sport equipment, or the action
      3. ST: Cannot find "good" actresses in Woody Alan movies
    4. Use CYC for correlations
      1. Build upon existing
      2. Networks/Graph theory
      3. Add own Microtheories
      4. Organize - iterate with them for theories, vocabulary, scenarios
        1. Ex. Put in Smurf attack
        2. Should include Denial of Service attacks, but not focus on them exclusively
        3. Epistomology vs. Heuristics
    5. How to Proceed
      1. Go over viewgraph at the next GG meeting (David, Marcus, and Karl)
      2. Purchase books
        1. Doug Lenat, Guha (1990). Knowledge - 2 copies
        2. John Adams (1998). The Next World War, Simon & Schuster
        3. Dorothy Denning's book is very light
      3. John DeSanto should come here for a week.
      4. People working on GG
        1. Karl, David O, Marcus, David Klotz, Steven Templeton (limited)