March 19, 1999
1131 ENG II
1:00-2:00 p.m.
In attendance:
Karl Levitt (KL), Christina Chung (CC) and Jim Hoagland (JH)

    1. Meetings and Visitors
      1. Potential date for Christina's quals: June 2nd
      2. Invite Baiju to Davis around June 10th
        1. Short presentations by Steven Templeton, Chris Wee, JH, and CC
          1. Steven Templeton - insider threat
          2. Chris Wee - firewall
          3. JH - future work and SCIPAD
          4. CC - level above in applications
        2. Meet Baiju at Intel in July
    2. Intel buys companies they like or see as competitor. They will likely buy an intrusion detection system company soon.
    3. David Klotz's work in e-commerce may be of interest to Intel - BillyBot
    4. JH has gotten Prem in touch with John Richardson.
    5. Next Week

      1. Christina will give a talk/update on her research at the next Intel meeting.

      2. Jim will talk to Nicole Carlson about helping him convert LaSCO to GrIDS.