Wednesday, April 28th
1131 EU II
In attendance:
Jim Hoagland (JH), Christina Chung (CC), Nicole Carlson (NC), Karl Levitt (KL)


Meeting with Baiju
Next Meeting
    1. Meeting with Baiju
      1. KL I have not gotten in touch with Baiju. Meet in May. JH: Visit him to give talk to group at a later date.
        1. May 27th – Baiju may prefer Fridays, May 21st first choice
      2. KL: If Baiju comes down, we could give talks on JH and NC stuff (GrIDS, LASCO), CC work, and ST work. At CYC, they slurp in a database (HTML code or any structured data), TCP SYN, rules what these mean, but can express grammar of database without typing it in. Input reasoning tools.
      3. With Matt’s work, slurp in vulnerabilities database, find out if through this vulnerability, could we be threatened by a worm? Reasoning about vulnerabilities. Could report on that to Intel.
    2. For next meeting, talk about GrIDS and LASCO, invite Jeff and other GrIDS people
      1. NC: Teaching myself Perl, GrIDS, LASCO, add new rule functions to rule set – discuss progress at next meeting.
      2. Following meeting invite Matt to discuss his vulnerability database.
    3. KL: I liked the SCIPAD stuff, there’s a paper there – more technical and broader.
      1. Use of SCIPAD
        1. What questions we can ask of any piece of code?
        2. Ways of reasoning about vulnerabilities.