Agenda for Misuse Detection Project

Monday 07-Oct-96, 5:30-6:30pm

Orientation (0:10)

Choose notekeeper & timekeeper.

Discuss how we want to run meetings, seminar, presentations, project? Like GrIDS project?

Brainstorm (0:20)

Collectively recollect and record the feedback we received from Jennifer, Susan & Jim

e.g., Data driven viruses,

data presentation instead of visualization

Medical Informatics (0:10)

VMTH visit.

Informatics survey.

Schedule (0:10)

ORD wants milestones

ORD wants $$$ burn-rate

Reports (who wants to help Chris write them?)


Equipment (0:02)

status report & who will install software?

Wrap Up (0:05)

Review assignments

Topics for next agenda

Notes for 07-Oct-96 meeting of the misuse project

Attendees: Steven Templeton, Chris, Julie, Raymond, Jim

link to the Agenda


we described the formal consensus as practiced on grids.

we're agreed that we'll have a notekeeper and timekeeper.

julie and chris will be facilitators first.


tasks 1,2,3. delay on tasks 4,5

ORD and UCD are in agreement about the definition of misuse.

It is okay to pursue the healthcare problem domain.

"no" application level stuff.

do no redo other work.

toolkit approach, rapid prototyping.

re: misuse task 1, don't focus on why.

ok as presented.

do not redo other work

address integration of tools, but not necessary to perform integration.

useful information about occurences of misuse.

collect a database on misuses in the medical domain.

more intelligent end-user of tools.

reducing the size of the audit logs.

ORD on all official reports, CIA to all people

task 3:

layered approach.

data driven viruses

differences between NT and DOS/UNIX etc.

read the Windows NT evaluation book.

task 4:

data presentation instead of visualization

use existing audit when available, but also augment when necessary.

Medical Informatiics

at least 4 of us will attend and we'll survey

brant will ping dick walters with survey


milestones, ORD wants a list of items that we are working on.

julie, brant and steven will put together preliminary milestone

lists which we will assemble into a group milestone list.

all people will participate on all tasks

ask dick walters about Microsoft for subscribers.

brant and julie want

who will be windows NT system

Topics for next agenda