Agenda for Misuse Detection Project Meeting: Tuesday 15-Apr-97, 6pm - 8pm

Select a timekeeper.
Have you kissed your IRS agent today?

Admin (0:05)
    Oakland conference. everyone registered?
    suggestion to move the meeting to 5:30pm  - 7:30pm
    more RAM for Gateway (32MB) has this been installed?
    Network Card came in about 1.5 weeks ago
    //-port Zip drive

Audit countermeasures (0:10) Brant, Chris
	Brant has a seminar slot on 4/23 Wed 3pm.
	What is he planning to cover? Outline please.

N-gram code (0:10) Steven
	initial work plan? timetable?

blumfield UCDMC Matt & Steven
	Matt and Steven have discussed the outline.
	Slot is Sat 5/24, 1-2pm. Chris and Steven presenting.
	The outline is...

UCD internal auditors (0:10) Chris
	Chris met with David Day, UCD IA for 2.5 hours on 4/11.
	Covered 11-step audit model
	Reviewed manual application of model to Financial aid
	Another meeting on Fri 4/18 9am, can bring 2 students
	Another meeting with FBI, IT, IA, CS on 5/1 Matt & Chris
	DaFIS, on-line accounting,

mentee industrial espionage (0:10) Chris
	Maria has read the Ira Winkler paper, currently getting Donn
	Parker's books from the library. We can review trasport of
	collected data, (review misuse model)

mike clifford (0:10) Julie

2nd yr funding (0:20) Karl
    When do we start talking about a
    proposal for additional funds.  Assuming Jennifer and Susan have set aside
    funds for a 2nd year of work,
    they will require a proposal from us.
    Assuming further that it is FY97 funds that they
    have set aside for the continuation,
    they will have to commit those funds by Aug at the latest.

ARCA report on data-driven attacks (0:10) Julie
    our objective: formulate plan to re-create some experiments

Fannie Mae (0:20) Chris
    meeting on Mon 4/21, 
    our objective: give feedback on what topics you'd like to learn

Admin (0:10)

Topics for next agenda (0:05)

15-Apr-97 Meeting Notes

Attendees: Steven Templeton, Chris, Julie, Brant, Karl (briefly), Cheryl

Notes taken by Julie Lang Meeting began @ 6:10pm and ended @ 8:00pm

    Register for Oakland (5/5 - 5/8) - check Web page
    Move meeting to 5:30 - 7:30pm
    Chris will ask D. O'Brien about Gateway RAM.
    Network Card - fine.
    Zip Drive - Steven will get PO from Faith
    Hard drive for Atlantis, maybe one for Toshiba,
    one for Cheryl - Julie will price.
    Julie will try writing the next monthly status report.

Audit countermeasures (0:10) Brant, Chris
    Brant presented an excellent outline of his talk. will
    refine it based on discussion and present again at next meeting. 

blumfield UCDMC Matt & Steven
    postponed til next week

UCD internal auditors
    Meeting with Internal Auditors on Friday, 4/18 - 9am.
    Prepare 1 page outline per topic.

mike clifford (0:10) Julie
    Michael Clifford - Julie will give him access to the web page.
    Julie will get in touch with him and see if he is still
    interested in joining the project.

ARCA report on data-driven attacks
    Arca Report Assessment will be included in the monthly report.

2nd yr funding (0:20) Karl

Topics for Next Agenda
    Debrief IA meeting
    Debrief Fannie Mae
    N-gram code
    2nd year funding
    Equipment update
    Mike Clifford, if interested