Agenda for Misuse Detection Project Meeting
AI Lab/Security Annex #2
Tuesday 19-August-97, 1pm - 3pm

Review agenda. Select a timekeeper.
Audit Countermeasures (0:30) Scott & Kathy
    Scott will report on displaying the files' ACE
    Kathy repeat Brant's denial of service experiments under slightly
   different conditions.

A logic for specifying security policies by Cuppens (0:30) Karl
  avabile on MELVYL

Prepare for Susan's visit on Sep 9 (0:20) Karl
    statement of work

Policy specfications (0:30) Chris

Topics for next agenda (0:10)
    Adage & Pledge

19-August-97 Meeting Notes, 1:11pm - 3:20pm

Attendees: Chris, Kathy, Brant, Scott, Steven T., Karl