Agenda for Misuse Detection Project Meeting: Monday 23-Feb-97, 5pm-6pm
Silver Dragon

Make an agenda for TEM.

23-Feb-97 Meeting Notes

Attendees: Steven Templeton, Chris, Julie, Brant
Notes taken by Chris Wee
Meeting began @ 5:00pm and ended @ 6:00pm

No timekeeper

Schedule of Availibily for Tues:
	Julie: 10:30->
	Steven: <-2pm, 4:30->
	Brant: 10:30-12:00, 1:30->


CD holder.

If we adopt Fred Cohen's zero-tolerance security policy, how?

Should we perform supplementary auditing?

macro viruses - lit search (Julie)

bibliography & summaries (Steven)

NT audit - detailed tech discussion (Brant)

move NT server to Brant's desk

Crystal Reports