Agenda for Misuse Detection Project Meeting: Monday 27-Jan-97, 12-2pm

Chris has spoken to Karl and Matt about adding another
student to the misuse project.

Research objectives for Winter Quarter (0:20)
	reminder to everyone to submit e-copy of their plan
	add dates to milestones.
	conferences and paper submission deadlines

NT Vulnerabilities report (0:30) 

Monthly reports (0:10)
   January in preparation.
   talked to Jennifer

Group get-togethers to boost morale, comraderie & waistlines (0:05)

Topics for next agenda (0:05)

27-Jan-97 Meeting Notes

Attendees: Steven Templeton, Chris, Julie, Raymond, Brant
Notes taken by Chris Wee
Meeting began @ 12:15pm and ended @ 1:30pm
Research objectives for Winter Quarter
	Everyone read and agreed to the milestones
	Chris suggested that Brant add an intermediate milestone
	between now and end of March; Brant agreed.

NT Vulnerabilities report
	This report discussed vuln. in NT 3.51. We can verify whether
	or not NT 4.0 has similar flaws.

Monthly reports
	gave a heads-up to the group about Jennifer's visit

Group get-togethers to boost morale, comraderie & waistlines
	Steven suggested dinner at New Station on Chinese New Years
	2/7.  All agreed.

Purchase/equipment status
	there was a snafu concerning the laptop order; it was
	de-railed and now back on track. Hopefully, it will be in by

Topics for next agenda
	Reschedule meeting on 10th; julie has a job interview.
	Windows NT seminar offer from New Boston Systems.
	Monthly report.
	Installation of machines.
	Healtheon letter.

The meeting ran long because we did not select a time-keeper.