Meeting with Pat Kearney
Wed 09-July-97, 11am - 11:25am

Attendees: Steven Templeton, Chris, Julie, Brant, Scott Miller, Matt Bishop, Kathy Lam

Our letter of introduction:
Date: Mon, 07 Jul 1997 08:55:46 -0700
From: "David W. Day" 
Subject: Financial Aid Computer Research Project

Hi Pat!

I met with Christopher Wee, Staff Researcher, Department of Computer
Science, and Lora Jo Bossio to discuss his study of how insiders misuse
obtained from computer systems.  As we have discussed previously, you agreed
that Chris could use the computer systems for Financial Aid for his
research project.

We would like to hold a meeting with you during the week beginning July 7,
1997.  Please let me know if we can meet.  This research project is an
excellent opportunity for Academic and Administrative departments to work
in partnership for the benefit of the UC Davis community.

Thank you in advance for allowing Chris and his colleagues to conduct
research in Financial Aid.  This is a very worthwhile project!

Have a Great Day!

David Day
Project Manager
Internal Audit Office
(916) 752-9169   

Here are some quick notes of the meeting.

Introduced himself and Steven, a brief description of the computer security group
and the misuse project team.
ORD sponsors the research. explained the out.
What is the nature of the research.
This is not an audit.
We want to use the previously conducted Internal Auditors audit as a framework.
Stressed that this is research.
Explained that we would be careful to avoid leaking data.