Agenda for Misuse Detection Project Meeting: Monday 24-Mar-97, 4pm-6pm

Select a timekeeper. Christina Yip, a possible recruit for the misuse project, will join us for this meeting. Julie, return your library book.

Seminars & workshops (0:20) Elaine Bauer 202-324-9271 returned my call and will send us information about the Security Educator Seminar via snail mail. registration deadline for Oakland conf. is mar 28. deadline for Bellcore seminar is apr 1. Jabri said Thursday, mar 27, 9am looks good for his people. will confirm via e-mail on monday. our objective: decide who registers for which conferences. ARCA report on data-driven attacks (0:30) Julie our objective: formulate plan to re-create some experiments NT audit log access (0:15) Brant our objective: distribute code framework to everyone UCD seminar (0:20) Chris our objective: prepare outline and choose slot Audit tutorial outline (0:20) Chris our objective: give feedback on what topics you'd like to learn

Admin (0:10) more RAM for Gateway (32MB) Network Card (ordered? still not here, I'm really getting sick of support) //-port Zip drive Topics for next agenda (0:05)

24-Mar-97 Meeting Notes

Attendees: Steven Templeton, Chris, Julie, Brant, Karl (by phone)
Notes taken by Chris Wee
Meeting began @ 12:10pm and ended @ 1:10pm