Agenda for Misuse Detection Project Meeting: Thursday 08-May-97, 5:30pm - 7:30pm

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Virus detection progress (0:20) Julie

HP & Intel presentations (0:10) Chris
    what we think they are interested in

Oakland (0:20) Chris

UCD IA meeting (0:10) Chris
    meeting was cancelled by David Day, UCD IA.
    Steven tried to reschedule.

review OMG audit and security standards (0:10) Chris

Admin (0:15)
    disk drives ordered?
    Toshiba sent back (not yet)
    //-port Zip drive

Topics for next agenda (0:05)

08-May-97 Meeting Notes

Attendees: Steven Templeton, Chris, Julie, Brant
6pm - 6:45pm
Virus detection progress (0:20) Julie Julie has decided a Jaz Drive is the best way to keep her viri isolated. She will procure one. She will also purchase copies of Norton and Dr. Soloman anti-virus scanners. HP & Intel presentations (0:10) Chris Due to time constraints, we were unable to present the misuse project to HP. Baiju Patel of Intel found our work interesting. We suspect that he thought it was too hard, but he is interested in any results we might have. Oakland (0:20) Chris Chris mentioned meeting with Marianne Mueller of Javasoft. UCD IA meeting (0:10) Chris Steven will try to reschedule again. Apparently IA is very busy. review OMG audit and security standards (0:10) Chris Showed copy of XDAS to others. Steven, Brant and Chris will look further into it. Admin (0:15) disk drives ordered? No. Toshiba sent back (not yet); debbie may be done the paperwork already. //-port Zip drive. No. Topics for next agenda (0:05) UCD IA meeting Report on polymorphism on a macro virus Session characterization.