Agenda for Misuse Detection Project Meeting
Tuesday 13-May-97, 5:30pm - 7:30pm

Select a timekeeper.
Matt Bishop would like to attend our meetings, but there is not a time when he and the students are available.
Admin (0:15)
    disk drives ordered?
    Toshiba sent back (not yet)
    //-port Zip drive

UCD IA meeting (0:10) Chris
    David has been really busy and cannot meet us this week.
    Let's brainstorm how we can educate ourselves about IA process and
    procedures in the meantime.

Virus detection (0:20) Julie
    Jaz drive environment?
    mutation engines?
    data driven viri mutants?

Session characterization (0:20) Chris
    Let's review what we did last time and refine it.

review OMG audit and security standards (0:20) Chris
    common data format
    policy capture?

Blumfield talk (0:15) Steven

Topics for next agenda (0:05)

13-May-97 Meeting Notes, 5:30pm - 6:30pm

Attendees: Steven Templeton, Chris, Julie, Brant, Maria Lau (briefly)
Admin (0:15)
    disk drives sorta ordered. Debbie insisted that Julie run this
    through an equipment request form.
    It appears that the Toshiba was sent back. No status on replacement.
    //-port Zip drive has been purchased. With Steven.
    Visit CIA during summer. Steven cannot during Jun 16-20. Julie
    cannot July 24-29th. Brant and Chris okay.
    next Tuesday meeting cancelled because of Prelims.

UCD IA meeting (0:10) Chris
    David has been really busy and cannot meet us this week.
    Students are busy with prelims and hence cannot meet until
    following week.

Virus detection (0:20) Julie
    Awaiting approval for reimbursement, so on hold- Jaz drive environment?
    Maria Lau (Chris' mentee) presented her planned experiment on
    mutation engines. Mutation engines have been downloaded but not
    yet unzipped. Awaiting isolated environment.
    Existing mutation engines would not work on
    data-driven viri because of the opcode incompatibility between
    interpreters and X86 processors.

Session characterization (0:20) Chris
    Steven preparing write-up, please send comments to him.

review XDAS audit and security standards (0:20) Chris
    postponed til next week

Blumfield talk (0:15) Steven
    Steven and Chris will meet on Thursday to draft it, dry
    run of talk next Friday.

Topics for next agenda (0:05)
    Visit the CIA during summer
    Session characterization
    debrief Blumfield talk