KDD - Knowledge Discovery in Databases

This is a summary of three papers by Fayyad, Piatetsky-Shapiro,Smyth. From Data Mining to Knowledge Discovery in Databases; AI Magazine , Fall 96, pp37-54 From Data Mining to Knowledge Discovery: an Overview, Advances in Knowldege Discovery and Data Mining, pp 1-30 Knowldege Discovery and Data Mining: Towards a Unifying Framework; Proceedings KDD-96, pp 92-88

I have intentinally not gone into detail about the data mining step. This is the subject of a seperate related summary.

What is KDD?

Why KDD?

Current KDD Applications

A few examples from many fields

KDD vs Data-Mining They are not the same thing

Interdisciplinary Nature of KDD

KDD Process

  1. Develop an understanding for the application domain and identify the goal.
  2. Create a target dataset
  3. Data cleaning and preprocessing
  4. Data reduction and projection
  5. Selection of appropriate data-mining task
  6. Selection of data-mining algorithm(s)
  7. Data-mining
  8. Interpretation and visualization
  9. Consolidating discovered knowledge
  10. ( Iterate the above steps as needed )

Data-Mining Step

Primary Research and Application Challenges for KDD

Role of AI in KDD

First Draft, Steven Templeton Oct '96