June 23, 1999
3085 ENG II

In attendance:
Karl Levitt (KL), Jim Hoagland (JH), Dave Peticolas (DP), Aaron Keen (AK), Mark Heckman (MH), and Premkumar Devanbu (PD)

  1. News
    1. Look at Jonathan Smith's website at Penn State - Switchware Project
      1. Resource allocations - can't have DoS by malicious packet
      2. Policy language similar to Jim's
  2. Aaron Keen discusses the Miro papers
    1. Policy on user/files and access between users/files
    2. Positive/negative access rights
    3. Instance Language vs. Constraint Language
    4. Not a dynamic language
      1. Statically take a picture or your network
      2. Constraints tell you if an instance is legal
    5. Questions
      1. How much information do you have to look at - can you just look at the changes?
      2. Is there a policy that is not only dependent on the current state, but also dependent on how you go there?
      3. Infinite amount of objects that can be created - how do you keep track of the history?