June 30, 1999
3085 ENG II

In attendance:
Dave Peticolas (DP), Mark Heckman (MH), and Brant Hashii (BH)

  1. Edjlali: History Based Access Control for Mobile Code
    1. BH: Mobile code is any code that can migrate (Java, PS)
    2. Paper is about classifying programs by behavior
      1. History of Normal behavior
      2. Can only access network or the disk - not both
      3. Prevents information flow.
    3. History - Security Events invoke handles - set a bit that it has been accessed
    4. Policy - not looking at previous histories or full histories
    5. Written in Java - programmable policy
      1. Limited number of action - security events are binary
    6. Access to specific files
      1. Similar to Ariel Project
    7. Definitions of policy
      1. Information flow policy
      2. Temporal Policy
  2. General Composition Policy - McLean
    1. Non-interference - Goguen - SRL
    2. High level never interferes with low level
    3. Restrictivness of composable policy - useless in practice
  3. Hosmer - Metapolicies and Metapolicies II
    1. Current framework for security policy - need an overarching policy for all domains when you integrate information from other companies/government
    2. Conflicts between policies
    3. Multipolicy machine - abstract and fluffy - speculation; can be changed/flexible
      1. Takes all policies, machine decides which policy takes precedence
    4. Metapolicies II
      1. Different kinds of metapolicies - most implicit
      2. Metapolicy descriptions - components (name, type, change process)
      3. Constraints - domain object
      4. Message: Metapolicy should be made explicit
      5. Paper doesn't talk about comparing two completely different systems
      6. No tools for analyzing policies