March 19, 1999
2:00 3:00
1131 ENG II

In attendance:
Karl Levitt (KL), David Klotz (DK), Jeff Rowe (JR) and Jason Schatz (JS)

  1. Assign Boeing Tasks to Researchers
    1. Task 1: Get all values/costs from Dalen and Kelley's cost model and determine whether our cost model is a reasonable design.
      1. Jeff, Jason and Karl to work on simulating the cost model on paper and then writing a program
      2. Lost conactivity to Tick - use existing typology
      3. Consider that Boeing adds parameters without much thought
    2. Task 2: Determine capability of responders in cost model
      1. Ways of propagating numbers - conditional probabilities
      2. Look at chapter in AI book for ECS 170, Elaine Rich's pages on CYC
      3. Include in typology what responder can do.
    3. Task 3: Output from correlation engine - use CIDF
      1. Jeff and David K: correlation out of GrIDS; express GrIDS using CIDF
        1. Express worm in language gives an idea what to do
        2. Express in connection-type language
      2. Jeff to have preliminary information next week
      3. Look at Todd Heberlein's master's thesis
    4. Task 4: Ability to override actions of the cost model (UNDO button)
      1. Listening for message that says to stop.
    5. Task 5: List of responses we want to take (specifications) - Chris Wee will do this task.
      1. Chris Wee to user wrapper project from TIS to do host-based response.
        1. Not possible to stop the person, can only stop all processes from a particular user.
    6. Task 6: We currently rely on IDIP connection timeouts. We need to be able to tell local IDIP nodes to remove blocking.
      1. Wrappers can't do everything; need utility routines
      2. Wrapper can intercept system calls
        1. How to stop a particular user if the jobs are set on a timer.
      3. Look at Calvin Ko's execution monitor or Sekar's work
        1. Jeff will contact Calvin, regarding a visit.
        2. Write specs for wrapper
        3. Bob Balser à Lee Badger
    7. Task 7: Make an OS response toolkit (wrappers can't do it).
    8. Task 8: Documentation for Boeing - no one knows how to run code
      1. All have a responsibility to do documentation.