December 10, 1998
3:00 – 4:00
1131 ENG II

In attendance:
Karl Levitt (KL), David Klotz (DK), Jeff Rowe (JR), Jason Schatz (JS), and Chris Wee (CW)

Papers for Conferences
Chris Wee’s Research Network
  1. Papers for Conferences
    1. JR and Dan Gusfield write a paper for the National Conference on IDIP, GrIDS, MIDS, Cryptography
    2. DK and JS write a student paper for the Applications Conference on the cost model.
  2. Chris Wee’s Research Network
    1. 5 boxes – Routers A, B, C, Linux, 1 spare
    2. 3 subnets

    3. Ring for alternate paths – 1 cheap path, 1 expensive path
    4. Could add more firewalls or introduce cooperating firewalls
    5. From nuptse, anything goes out, but only SSH comes in
      1. Internet only see the nuptse IP address
    6. KL: Second configuration to do IDIP
    7. Steve Fountain has verbally agreed to support us $9-$15k

    8. IDIP enable Firewall 1?
      1. Run IP6 before the campus does