February 19, 1999
10:00-11:30 am
3085 ENG II

In attendance:
Matt Bishop (MB), Keith Herold (KH), David O’Brien (DOB), Brian Cameron (BC), Ricardo Anguiano (RA)

TOPICS Demeter Problems
Isolated Network Configuration/Architecture
Vulnerabilities Database
Vulnerabilities Paper  
  1. Demeter Problems
    1. Demeter needs to be repatched. Save configuration files, NFS Exports, Host files
  2. Isolated Network Configuration/Architecture
    1. Would like to acquire two of the Dell PCs
      1. 1 Dell to run Linux Redhat
      2. 1 Dell to Tom Tang wants to run firewall, plug in second ethernet card, turn off services, leave clients up and try to break in.
    2. Schematic Diagram
    1. Wish List
      1. BeOS
      2. Plan 9
    2. Home Directories
      1. All relevant people have permanent home directories on Zeus and external disk
      2. Home directories on other machines that are temporary (subject to reinstallation)
    3. DD – disk dump
      1. Need instructions and documentation for each machine for quick reinstallation after an attack.
    4. Try to get Suns and HPs configured for next week
  1. Vulnerabilities Database
    1. Version fields were deleted
    2. Major modification – attack description the same as detection
  2. Vulnerabilities Paper
    1. MB Modified paper to reflect DOB’s suggestions
    2. Need to work on hard links vs. symbolic links
      1. Symbolic link – race condition
      2. Hard link – no race condition
      3. Shortcuts on NT
        1. Whether a shortcut to a shortcut to a program will go directly to the target program or not.