March 8, 1999
1131 ENG II

In attendance:
Matt Bishop (MB), and Bryan Cameron (BC)


Question about hooking up hard drives
Isolated Network News
  • Question about hooking up a peripheral hard drive
    1. MB: When the machine boots up, the hardware should sense the hard drive.
    2. BC: Do all operating systems come with a probing feature?
      1. MB: The hardware usually does; Linux and FreeBSD (with the exception of USF) are dynamically loaded.
  • Isolated Network News
    1. Tom Tang will be getting the firewall up and running. He needs to get the second ethernet card (one for input/one for output).
    2. All the operating systems need to be repatched. Solaris 2.7 isn't on any of the machines.
    3. Demeter will rune Solaris 2.6
    4. Need to load Linux on the PC; will need to hook up a monitor to initially talk to the system.