April 19, 1999
3085 ENG II

In attendance:
Matt Bishop (MB), Todd Heberlein (TH), Ange McCleod, and Ricardo Gomez

  1. The Linux Firewall is up and running. Tom Tang has got the linking box up that bridges the Isonet to either the network or the Internet.
    1. He will test the system over the next week. It's designed to see if you can get into Linux with servers. The answer should be no, but he'll check to make sure.
    2. There are two other Linux boxes on the system - older Gateway and one other.
    3. A graphics card has been ordered for the system without one.
  2. Brian Cameron is updating Unix and getting the other Suns configured. Ricardo Gomez will help with configuration and documentation.
  3. With the Trident machines going back, we've manage to scrounge up a few Sparc 1s and one Sparc 10 for Unix machines.
  4. We will burn CDs for the OS to be able to easily reconfigure the systems.
    1. TH: A CD may not hold all the information. - MB: May use tape instead then.
    2. TH: May be better just to reboot system and keep Delta patches on CD.
  5. We have not yet put in the Cisco or terminal server, but both have arrived. The terminal server will be put into the backbone of a system -- it is for use with the Unix boxes and other headless machines.
    1. Store traffic for consoles
  6. Ange is working on running attacks, and plans to run a few later today.
  7. Trident machines will go back either Thursday or Friday this week.
  8. We should run future meetings from the Isolated Network in 2244 EUII.