June 21, 1999
1131 ENG II

In attendance:
Matt Bishop (MB), David O'Brien (DOB), Eric Haugh (EH), Wayne Huang (WH)

  1. Assignments for working on the Isolated Network
    1. Eric Haugh will work on configuring the isolated network to reflect the diagram, and also document a short write-up of the policy/documentation for the firewall.
    2. Wayne Huang will work on the Solaris machines and documentation for them.
    1. Using a movable disk to go between the isolated network and the CS department was not a good solution, so a machine will be available that plugs into the CS site and the Isolated Network, but will be protected from attacks.
    2. After Isolated Network is set up, we need to test the firewall to see how well it's working using probes etc.