February 26, 1999
11:00 11:20am
3085 ENG II

In attendance:
Matt Bishop (MB) and Todd Heberlein (TH)

Short meeting due to lack of attendance.
  1. SANS workshop
    1. Todd was wondering whether it was possible to add slides to his presentation later.
    2. MB: Yes, as long you give them to Zoe Dias a week prior to the conference. Its also possible to get a short extension.
    3. TH: May be a good opportunities to present slides/talk at future vulnerabilities meetings.
  2. Centrax is interested in vulnerabilities with NT operating systems. Matt has been having trouble getting graduate students interested, and currently has two undergraduates working on it.
    1. TH: CERT database has NT vulnerabilities
    2. MB: We have 4 systems on the Isolated Network with NT OS.
  3. Matt was planning to discuss symbolic links, but will put it off until next week.