The Sponsors of This Project

The organizations and companies that generously support, or have supported, this work, are (in alphabetical order):
Centrax Corporation is providing funding and equipment to analyze attack tools in a Windows environment.
Data General graciously donated a DG/UX Aviion system running a B2-level version of the UNIX operating system. Among other things, we use this system to teach students how to run penetration tests.
Intel provided a generous gift of both hardware and funding to help start us in studying vulnerabilities in the various Windows systems.
Interconnect Technologies, Inc., is providing assistance in maintaining the thesaurus web pages; in fact, the thesaurus is joint work with Interconnect's president, Vicky Johnson, and its vice-president, Michael Raugh.
Microsoft Corp. donated some software to run on the computer systems that Intel donated.
Net Squared, Inc., is funding some of our research, and its president, Todd Heberlein, works with us, enlivening our meetings and providing keen insights.
Trident Data Systems provided funding to move much of the early work along, as well as useful conversations, discussions, and ideas throughout.

Thanks to all our sponsors, past and present!

Stult's Report: Our problems are mostly behind us. What we have to do now is fight the solutions.

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Last modified on November 27, 1998