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UC Davis Seclab Seminar

Winter 2012

Fridays, 2–3pm
Watershed Conference Room (2203)

The UC Davis Computer Security Lab Seminar takes place every quarter during the academic year. Graduate students can sign up for one unit of credit for the seminar as ECS 298 with CRN 31247. Contact Prof. Sean Peisert for more information.

Week Date Speaker/Topic Concurrent Events
1 1/13/12 cancelled
2 1/20/12 Matt Bishop: Facebook Goes to the Doctor
3 1/27/12 cancelled
4 2/3/12 cancelled
5 2/10/12 cancelled NDSS 2012
6 2/17/12 (2:30pm) Discussion with medical school on penetration testing
7 2/24/12 Mohit Tiwari, UC Berkeley: Crafting Secure Systems from the Gates Up
8 3/2/12 Go to UCD Forensics Symposium
9 3/9/12 cancelled
10 3/16/12 cancelled GEC13

Questions or comments: seclab-staff@cs.ucdavis.edu