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M. Bishop, C. Wee, J. Frank , "Goal Oriented Auditing and Logging." Submitted to IEEE Transactions on Computing Systems [PostScript]. [PDF].

Proposal for a Framework for Auditing Objects and Applications
Christopher Wee, Karl Levitt.

LAFS: A logging and auditing file system.
Christopher Wee; Computer Security Applications Conference; New Orleans, LA; December 13-15, 1995. postscript PDF

A logging and auditing file system. (Extended Abstract)
Christopher Wee; Proceedings ofIEEE Symposium on Security and Privacy, Oakland, CA; May 8-10, 1995.

Report on AWB at NSA's TechFest, August 8-10, 1995, Linthicum, MD. Slides or 4-slides-per-page thumbnails.
Christopher Wee, James Hoagland, Karl Levitt.

Short presentation on the Visual Audit Browser Toolkit. 2 slides per page. Main slides (61k postscript or 12k PDF) and example slides (100k postscript or 23k PDF).

Audit Log Analysis Using the Visual Audit Browser Toolkit, U.C. Davis Computer Science Department Technical Report CSE-95-11, 1995.
176kb Postscript, 58kb PDF, or Abstract.
J. Hoagland, C. Wee, K.N. Levitt.

Visual Audit Browser (VAB) Toolkit
James Hoagland.

Audit graph reduction
James Hoagland.

Detection of Network File System Attacks Through Auditing (M.S. Thesis),
Wilson Choi, University of California, Davis, 1993.

Audit Browsing (M.S. Thesis), (Postscript, 700K)
Bradford Wetmore, University of California, Davis, 1993.

Nerd Toys Tools
Visual Audit Browser Toolkit (VAB)

VAB Frame Generator, written in Perl 4.0pl36

VAB movie maker

VAB Hypertext Generator

VAB Focussed Audit Browser

Nerd Droppings Miscellanous
Debugging and dynamic linking. (Dissertation) (766K Postscript) and its title sheet
Wilson Ho. University of California, Davis.

DOT from AT&T Bell Labs

Cryptographic File System
Matt Blaze, Bell Labs, AT\&T.

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